Fishing Report

Osa Angler

Todd Staley

Todd Staley has been chasing finny creatures around the Osa for nearly two decades. He has been Fishing Director at Crocodile Bay Resort since it opened in 1999. You can send photos, fishing reports, ect. directly to him at  Photos courtesy of Crocodile Bay Resort.

Anglers have been having a hay day with sailfish which were late to show up for the party this year.Boats are getting double-digit shots per day and some boats have seen over 20 sails up in the teaser aday. Marlin have been scare lately and now and then a school of 100 pound tuna will pass through.

Striped marlinStriped marlin

Snapper fishing has been good all season and the smaller ones go to dinner and the bigger ones back in

the water. After a consistent bite, roosterfish have slowed the last few days but that will change quickly.

A decent amount of African pompano are still coming from the reefs

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