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Todd Staley

Todd Staley has been chasing finny creatures around the Osa for nearly two decades. He has been Fishing Director at Crocodile Bay Resort since it opened in 1999. You can send photos, fishing reports, ect. directly to him at


Warm water is keeping the billfish lethargic and fish are harder to raise and get to it but patience usually pays off for some sails and a few marlin. As of late the tuna have made a show in schools of 80 to 100 pound fish. Not an everyday occurrence but an adrenaline rush change from the lazy billfish.

Inshore has been wide open with lots and lots of roosterfish, some to 50 pounds mixed in with a variety of snapper, jacks, and African pompano.

500px-Palometa images atun_rojo
 Pompano  Snapper     Tuna
Pez-gallo 5966216_townsville-billfish-challenge-day-3-yorkey_ce9f89e0_m
Roosterfish Sailfish Lazy billfish
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