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How to Love and Nurture Yourself While On the Osa Peninsula

Yogi Aaron

Yogi Aaron, author ofhis newly released Autobiography of a Naked Yogi is the coowner of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa, where he brings passion and adventure to countless students through his teachings and lectures.



Nowadays the term self-love is a popular notion. But what does it mean? Self-love can be described as a state of appreciation for oneself. There are numerous sources of reference with tips about how to love yourself.  But truly, how do we love ourselves?

We have found that a daily dose of self-care works well. By practicing one loving action every day you should begin to appreciate yourself more and the importance of your happiness. Loving yourself is similar to yoga – a never ending practice.

yoga2These actions can form part of anyone’s daily schedule. By taking care of your basic needs and practicing self-gratitude you will be on your journey towards self-love.

Moment of stillness. When you wake up, don’t get out of bed straight away, take a moment to be still and breathe. Observe your breath. Maybe even tune in to the sound of your heartbeat. This doesn’t have to be for long. Taking at least 5 minutes to begin the morning this way will result in a more positive, peaceful and productive day.

Dance naked! I must admit, this one is fun. Play your favorite song, and dance in your underwear to it! This gives you a sense of freedom and self-expression.

Nourish your soul. We all have that one thing that we love to do. It may be reading a book, watching a movie, listening to music, or being a beach bum. Do this and let it nourish you.

Water. Drink water and enjoy its purity. We often forget the importance of water. Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day will promote general health and wellbeing. You may notice your skin improves, digestion is eased and weight loss occurs. It also makes you feel good! Who wouldn’t want this feeling?

Get cooking, good looking! If you don’t enjoy cooking, then this might not be for you. But if you do, return to the kitchen and get your nose and fingers covered in dough. Allow yourself time to cook homemade meals again. Make them with joy and love. You’ll enjoy the food so much more.

Zzzz… How about making no plans this weekend? Go to sleep early and wake up early. Or even take long, revitalizing naps throughout your day. Allow yourself to relax, rest, and rejuvenate. You deserve it.

Pamper yourself. It’s time to spoil yourself for no reason whatsoever. We usually indulge in self-care when we are going out on a date or for a special occasion. How about you get ready just to feel good? Get your hair done, take a long soak in a bubble bath, and maybe give yourself a manicure and pedicure? Shower yourself with gratitude and enjoy your own company.

Movie time. It’s couch potato time. This is especially important for those of you who rarely allow yourselves 15 minutes to sit down. Choose your favorite TV show, a new movie or an all-time classic, and make yourself comfortable on the sofa. While you’re at it, grab your blanket and pillow, and prepare to enjoy you time. Of course, if you love homemade popcorn and hot cocoa, now’s the time to make it.


Journal it out. This is one of my favorites. It’s a moment where you can express yourself without judgment. A moment where you can reflect on the way you feel. In the morning take some time to write about how you’re feeling. If there are emotions you’re suppressing, release them by jotting them down. Or before going to bed, write down 5 things you’re grateful for. Let this be a moment where you know it’s okay to trust yourself.

Vitamin Sea. If the ocean is close, take advantage of it. I often find that the ocean reminds me to let go of what I cannot control. We often forget this in our busy days. The ocean can be a physical and mental cleanse. Allow it to wash away negativity and tension.

Yoga. Flexibility, age, gender. . . None of these matter when practicing yoga. Yoga is a great way to re-center and return to yourself. It can be healing for your body as it relaxes your limbs, and therapeutic for your mind, as it calms your hectic thoughts.

Write yourself a letter. This can be to your past-self or future-self. For your past self, you could write about the things you would like to let go of. Forgive yourself and move on. For your future self, write down the things you’d like to do for yourself.


Many of us presume that loving ourselves is time consuming, vain, or unimportant. How about taking a leap, allowing yourself to explore the concept, and then deciding? You can begin by choosing one or two of the aforementioned self-love actions, and see if you begin to appreciate yourself more.

Self-love goes beyond romancing yourself. It’s when you remember your worth, value and own love, and to also remember that you are worthy of love.

Love yourself that little bit more and visit us on the Osa where you can indulge in some ‘you time.’

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