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Adopciones Osa Peninsula:  Dog and Cat rescue and adoption programs at work in Puerto Jimenez and around the Peninsula.

  Janina Schan

Janina is the founder of Adopciones Osa Peninsula and Green Life Volunteers.  You may reach her at


Around 2 years ago, I started rescuing animals on the Osa Peninsula.  Just as so many new expats or tourists arriving in Costa Rica, i noticed the large amount of seemingly stray animals on the streets.  After asking locals and doing a bit of research I realized most of those animals actually have a home but that often people cannot afford to feed or maintain their pets properly.  Sometimes they could afford it but just don’t care about them much.  I discovered there are no public animal shelters or rescue centers in Costa Rica, nor are there any governmental institutions in Costa Rica supporting pet rescue.  Most of the few rescue centers that exist are founded and managed by foreigners.


I decided to open a rescue project on the Osa Peninsula and named it Adopciones Osa Peninsula. The idea of this rescue project is not to open up a shelter or center for people to get rid of the animals they don’t want anymore (it would become full the first day).  The idea is to RESCUE and HELP dogs, cats, puppies and kittens that are stray or whose owners cannot properly care for them, pay for spaying/neutering, or feed them.

The idea is to help animals in the most urgent need, ones that are on the street and have no one to care for them. With the help of some amazing and dedicated friends here, our center also organizes sterilization clinics in communities around the Osa Peninsula.  Pet demograhic planning is essential to somehow and perhaps reduce the populations of dogs and cats. Fewer puppies and kittens mean that fewer wind up abandoned on the street when they’re older, sick and not so cute anymore. This project is funding entirely from DONATIONS from tourists, foreigners, expats, members of the community and those with the resources and will to lend us a helping hand.


We received Association status recently and now have a Cédula Jurídica, which allows us more freedoms to apply for grants and institutional donations.  The volunteer staff of Adopciones Osa Peninsula are individuals who already work full time and have families and other commitments yet still volunteer free time to help these poor animals.  Again, we’re not a “refugio” or animal shelter.  We don’t want to be where people drop off animals they no longer want.  We’re here to help when help is really needed.  We also find homes as we are able for unwanted pets.  See our Facebook page Adopciones Osa Peninsula for pictures of animals currently available for adopti

As for me, in the years of working on this project I have taken on four cats and six dogs that live with me. 10157325_10152414465977064_3661490372485784892_n That’s plenty, and I just don’t have the time or energy to personally take on more, though I always seem to have a couple rescue animals as well, temporarily, while I find them homes.  The same is true with other foster homes that our association works actively with.  We keep our Facebook page current, so if you’re looking for a rescue pet, please check it out!

I wish there were more of us actively involved in animal rescue, adoptions and spaying/neutering programs. I wish everyone would care a bit more about these animals and that more people were able to care for animals in need.  Also I wish that those that already own pets would take better care of their own animals and their offspring.   Nothing is less responsible to the community and to the animals themselves than to dump a litter of unwanted kittens or puppies on the street, something that happens too often.



If you have a litter of kittens or puppies, or rescued an animal that you don’t have space for, please let us know through Facebook and we’ll be glad to help you find someone for an adoption!  We will publish the photos and information and help you to get these creatures adopted. We can even help getting your animals spayed and neutered. But please for any reason never dump any animal on the street.  Though it is not popularly known, most animals cannot survive by themselves on the street in this climate and are ridden by parasites, fleas, and ticks, and suffer a lot until they die.

If you have financial restraints and you cannot feed a rescued animal, or a litter of puppies or kittens, we can also help out with food donations until the animals are adopted!


If you’re looking to adopt an animal, we have several animals available looking for a home right now! Please check out the photos and let us know if you’re interested in any 🙂 ! We also have almost always someone who has kittens and puppies up for adoption. Just ask us!

Currently available for adoption: Kittens (male and female), Puppies (female), adult dog (Labrador Mix, 4 – 5 years of age).







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